Why we should all be hummingbirds in 2020

We’ve all been made “aware” these past few months of the detrimental effects of a quickly spreading, asymptomatic and highly contagious virus that has penetrated life as we “knew” it . That life is gone. One infected person, one virus caused all…

To be held.

My Godfather Joe Tribute 10–27–2019

Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality.

As long as we are remembered, no one ever dies.

Joe Saglimbeni was from a small town in Sicily called Limina. It was a town in the Pelitorani Mountains; a town that time forgot. In…

“Don’t get too comfortable, you’re not staying“ I said firmly to the chubby Rottweiler puppy that managed to firmly ensconce himself into the dirty laundry basket. He looked at me, uncertain of the tone of my voice and desperately trying to balance a sock on his head.

His owner had…

He sent me a picture of him. It was taken on a warm, sunny afternoon, standing on a green golf course, his chubby hand and short stocky fingers were resting on a golf club. He wore a weathered polo shirt that was two sizes too small, stretched miserably over the…

Angelina Biella

Words…. my best friends…my worst enemies. The right words are kind . The wrong words hurt, except Italian words, words in Italian always sound good.

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